Miss Nosy

Miss Nosy

Friday, July 6, 2012

Randomness In Maura`s World!

                                                       Sorry, I`m too gorgeous to look at you.
                                                                            What`s that?!
                                                                            Derp face.
                                                                     I`m all toyed out.
                                                                   I`m comin` for ya!
 Okay, back story here. I set up Maura`s kiddie pool and tried to get her used to it. I would put her in it, give her a treat and pet her. Then she would jump out. She didn`t like it. It`s weird, because any in-ground pool she will jump right into. I guess she just demands her own pool. So, I went inside to get towels to dry her off, but when I came back out...she looked like this. She was rolling in the dirt to try and dry off. When she saw me, she shook and loads of dirt came off her.
                                                     Dirty Maura! (look at her paws!)
                                                                    Clean Maura
Sorry, I have`nt been posting much because of homework, and other things. But here are some photos from the past couple of days!

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