Miss Nosy

Miss Nosy

Monday, July 23, 2012

Maura`s First Competition!

Adios! I have to train now!

Well, the agility lesson (It was more of a friendly competition) was interesting. Maura didn`t get along magically with every dog, so I was pretty bummed about that and wanted to leave, but the trainer told me to stay. Also, Maura was barking up a storm, and the trainer showed me a way to keep her from barking. I`m so glad she told us to stay, because Maura ran one course pretty well, and I was proud of her. The second course was called "Impossible Tunnels", and let me tell you, it was CONFUSING. On the "Impossible Tunnel" course, Maura and I couldn`t figure it out, so I just ran her every which way- I think she had a lot of fun on the last course. She did zoomies like there was no tomorrow! It was a sucsess for her first time in a ring! I do have to train her with more distractions and work on obedience with her. But I`m proud of my little munchkin! 

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