Miss Nosy

Miss Nosy

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Tucker the Escape Artist

     Today my dad and I picked up this little guy. This is Tucker. Maura and I occasionally visit him. I recognized him at once and I caught him (after multiple attempts..) We called his owner and she was at work so we had to keep him for a few hours! He stayed in a pen in the front yard and was happy as could be. I don`t think he wanted to be out of his yard. He sort of collapsed onto me when I caught him. Maura was furious and barked her head off. I couldn`t pet both of them together because they didn`t get along. So I sat on the porch and just watched them. Tucker just stared at me and whined the whole time if I wasn`t petting him. Maura was just a brat and barked and paced. I took Tucker for a couple walks and gave him food and water. I got in the pen with him and he just rolled over and let me pet him for a long time! He`s such a calm and adorable dog!

                                                                        I`m the sweetest!    


                                                                            Hi! Hi! Hi!

                                                                    Just chillin`

                                                                    Rivalry of the Corgis:
                                                           Which one will get my attention?

I think Tucker will be back......oh, and here`s a video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-XdUI9MPe4U&feature=youtu.be

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