Miss Nosy

Miss Nosy

Thursday, June 7, 2012


Today I brought Maura over to my other neighbors house and Maura has only been over there a couple of times. But today I let her roam free. Let me tell you- she LOVED it. Maura ran around, peed on everything and was just a crazy Corgi.I wanted to train her some so I left the gate ope that separates the yards. Then I made her stay, walked into my yard and called her to me. Our yards aren't small, so Maura was very tired when she reached me. Maura then saw that I had kicked the soccer ball into the other yard, so she ran to get it. After training and playing MAura was beat. I decided to let her run around in my neighbors yard while I fed her cats (inside the house of course). I walked into the house and one of her (neighbor) cats escaped. This gets funny. The cat (Rosie) saw Maura and hissed at her. Maura then ran up onto the porch and chased Rosie underneath the chairs and through the water bowl. Rosie made a dash for the garage and Maura couldn't keep up.Maura came back to me and I knew if Rosie was to come out of hiding (wherever she is) Maura would have to be gone. So to get Maura to follow me I had to make meowing noises and run up to my house. *Embarrasing*..........

                                                               On the perimeter.


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