Miss Nosy

Miss Nosy

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Should Maura Be a Show Dog?...

Okay, people tell me Maura should compete in shows. I wanted too at first, but there was one really stupid drawback. But Maura is a very good representation of the breed I think. But rules are rules, so no Pembroke with blue fur can be in shows. We like agility more anyways. ( I have a least 7 dog encyclopedias, so this is were I can sound really smart. I od my research. :) 

Here is a side shot of her. I`ll point out the great things with her.

Medium size, brown,adorable oval eyes

Flat skull

I couldn`t get a photo of her scissor bite, because she wouldn`t let me hold her mouth together (Maura`s tongue got in the way.)

Erect tapering ears.....they were tilted because the leash was on it :P

Naturally very short tail....thank god it wasn`t docked.

Oval feet- not turning in or out. ( I think)

Elbows sligthly inward

The bad part- No waviness or blue fur is allowed in the show ring. Oh well, Maura`s too good for them anyway. ( Not really)

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